Our main form of support at the moment is a secret Facebook group where we can discuss and share any topics that are on our minds. There are two different groups: one is for anyone who is a straight spouse; the second one is for those who are planning to stay in a mixed orientation marriage. We also have a Facebook group for our children. For further information or to be added to either of these groups, contact us at

Here is a description of what support means from the view of a straight ex-wife in our group:

“I think everyone’s level of support is going to be different. For example– some of us want to go to Pride Events and wear t-shirts and show their support in a public manner. others of us (I fall into this category) might want to be supportive in other ways like refusing to disparaging their spouse, encouraging and enabling a relationship between their ex and their children, and doing their best to accept the situation for what it is and move on in as positive a manner as is possible for them that day. bottom line– “support” will be different for all of us.. and it’s an evolving process. I think at the heart of “support” is really a message of positivity… that we want to be there for one another and promote a level of acceptance and survival!”

One thought on “Support

  1. I would like to post a question on my husband maybe being gay but dont know where to go from here. Guess i cant figure out how to use this site but feeling alone and scared. Really needing support now

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